We learn best and retain knowledge longer:
  • When we have a need and/or desire to know.
  • Learning comes through INVOLVEMENT.
  • Children want to win the approval of the adults who are close to them.
  • Learning begins where the child IS, starting with the familiar and progressing to new.

The program philosophy at Creative Kids Education Centre is based on the fundamental principle that children learn by doing. Thrugh active participation in many differing experiences children develop in all four growth areas – emotional, social, physical and intellectual.

What Sets Us Apart

At Creative Kids Education Centre we recognize the unique needs and differences between our preschool and school-age populations. Our director, Pam Streeter, has dedicated her 28 year career to program development and advocacy for children, putting the child at the forefront of all decision making.


Creative Kids Education Centre provides an environment that encourages active learning through developmentally appropriate materials, activities and methods that challenge and stimulate the child AND direct and initiate learning. An overall structured daily routine allows for individual differences in ability and interest, and opportunities for creativity and self-directed discoveries.

Activities and experiences are presented in such a manner that all students will experience the success that is essential to building self-esteem, a positive attitude, and for developing independence.

Activities and experiences are presented, whenever possible, to engage the visual, auditory and kinesthetic channels of children to realize optimal development opportunities.

Natural outdoor play spaces are valued for inspiring creativity, calm, and discovery.