Creative Kids Preschool

Children are naturally talented and naturally curious.  At Creative Kids Education Centre our preschool programs put our child's talent and curiosity together with skilled teachers who will help them to be all that they can be.

We understand that every child is unique - a masterpiece with their own way of exploring and learning. Supporting children according to their individual strengths and interests makes all the difference, to you and your child.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child's face light up when the learn something new and exciting.  The look in their eyes, the smile on their face, this is why our preschool programs exist.

Children are never too young to have their curiosity nurtured by teachers who understand the science of how they learn best - at their own pace, according to their own interests.  They want to explore their world with real people and real objects, engaging in meaningful work and play. Especially, children learn best through play.

Fostering a life-long love of learning your child will be captivated by creative movement, visual arts, music and French.  Math, science along with pre-reading and language development are integrated into play and interactive activities.  Every aspect of your child will be engaged and energized - intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Preschool Programs at Creative Kids Education Centre support children in developing a love of learning that will last their entire lives.  Choose from our Full Week Junior Primary preschool and Part Week Preprimary preschool programs.

Young children acquire meaningful information and knowledge about their physical and social world by actively participating in many different kinds of experiences with real objects and real people.

The primary role of the teacher is to guide and facilitate the learning process by presenting developmentally appropriate materials and activities that pose additional challenges and stimulate the child’s curiosity. Further extensions of the child’s own thinking is the desired goal. The teachers will be aware of the progress of each child in each area of growth so that individual differences in ability and interest are personally respected. Enhancement of the child’s self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning are of paramount importance. 

The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for children to develop into confident, competent human beings in all four growth areas – physical, social, intellectual and emotional. 

Our Preschool Programs are licensed with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  Families choose from a variety of program options for children 30 months through 5 years.

The following curricular objectives have been adopted that reflect our philosophy

Language Development

  • To appreciate spoken and written language as
    1. Practical
    2. A source of knowledge and pleasure
  • To recognize the value and need of communication.
  • To explore a variety of means for communication.
  • To recognize that in our language words are placed on a horizontal base line.
  • To recognize left and right sequence in reading
  • To develop eye/hand coordination
  • To increase number of words used meaningfully
  • To discriminate between visual stimuli
  • To discriminate between auditory stimuli    
  • To recall sequence of events  
  • To enjoy and appreciate stories and poetry  
  • To create original stories and poems
  • To enjoy dramatic activity as a means of expression of emotions, ideas and language skills
  • To recall sequence of events   


  • To develop physical and aesthetic responses to tone, beat, and pitch
  • To experience music in a variety of ways
  • To utilize body movements as a means of communication
  • To express emotions through bodily movement


  • To know and appreciate the physical self
  • To know the joy of spontaneous movement
  • To utilize body movements in expression of ideas
  • To utilize body movements as a means of communication
  • To express emotions through bodily movement

Dramatic Play

To acquire understanding of world and relate self to own society through play which concerns:

  • a. family life
  • b. life styles of work and play
  • d. community helpers


  • Obtain some understanding of natural forces:
    • weather, light, heat, gravity, air, motion, machines, space, sound
  • To develop respect for natural environment
  • To develop respect for animals
  • To develop senses for practical and aesthetic purposes


  • To explore numerals
  • To experience and assimilate number concepts
  • To acquire basic understanding of basic math processes

Daily Schedule

  • Morning:
    • 9:00 Meeting, Calendar, Weather
    • 9:30 Snack, books
    • 10:00 Small Group Art
    • 10:20 Small Group Circle
    • 10:40 Free Choice
    • 11:30 Story
    • 11:35 Clean Up
    • 11:45 Lunch
    • 12:00 Outdoor Play
  • Afternoon:
    • 1:00 Show & Share
    • 1:15 Learning Centers/Free Choice
    • 2:15 Music & Movement
    • 2:30 Dismissal

Schedule Breakdown

Arrival Time

 The children are welcomed individually as they arrive at the school and are supported to join play in progress or decide on which center to visit first. The parent bulletin board located just outside the classroom keeps the schedule, menu and other pertinent information available.

Group Meeting

  The children and teachers meet to discuss plans and choices for the class. The Good Day song is sung and the calendar and weather are reviewed.

Free Choice / Discovery Time

During this period the children are free to choose activities from the various learning centers and they may change activities at any time. The teachers facilitate the activities and work with the children as required in a group or individually to support their development.  

Clean Up Time

This is a time where all the children work together cooperatively to tidy up.

Snack Time

Nutritious foods are served to the children at this time. Children take turns setting the table and occasionally help in the preparation of snack.

Music / Movement

This is a “high energy” time which allows the children to explore their own bodies for creative expression and physical development through music and singing games. Children explore basics of music (beat and pitch) through songs and rhythm instruments.

Learning Centres

Small groups of children move through various centers set up by the teachers, based on their interests.


Students dress to go home or join the after school program

Learning Centres

The following learning centers support the goals of the program

Creative Art Area

Easels, tables and chairs, plus shelves for art materials are readily accessible to the children for exploration, creativity, and discovery.

Water Play Area

A water play table with material is available to the children.   Sand Play Area: A sand table with equipment is accessible to the children.

Dramatic Play / Housekeeping

A loft with railing defines this area. Equipment includes child size stove, refrigerator and sink, table and chairs, dolls, dress up clothes, play food and dishes. Puppets and puppet theater for dramatic creativity.

Block Play Area

Plenty of shelf and floor space for hardwood unit blocks, foam blocks and more, plus accessories to extend play. Ie. Cars, trucks, planes, train set

Manipulative Play Center

Tables and chairs sized for use by children allow for a variety of activities such as lego, puzzles, unifix cubes, attribute blocks, parquetry blocks, beads, matching games, pattern blocks and much more.


Science Center

Magnets, balance scale plus weights, magnifying glass and more encourage inquiry and exploration.

Listening Center

Headphones with media player and books allow children to listen to music or have a book read to them.

Reading Center

Books, cushions and child sized furniture make reading a pleasure.